Anesthesia Permit Renewal CE Requirements

Anesthesia Permit Renewal Requirements

Anesthesia permits are renewed at the same time the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) dental license is renewed.  A portion of the annual renewal fee includes the fee for renewal of anesthesia permits. 

Anesthesia privileges are documents in the lower left-hand column of the Annual Registration Certificate.  There is no separate paper permit issued for anesthesia privileges annually.

Continuing Education Requirements

A dentist seeking to renew an anesthesia permit must complete the following hours of CE once every two years on the administration of the permitted level of sedation or medical emergencies associated with the permitted level of sedation.  CE requirements shall be in addition to any other courses required for licensure. Dentists should maintain a copy of their continuing education materials for their records and be prepared to provide them to the TSBDE upon request.

Level 1: Minimal Sedation - 6 hours

Levels 2 & 3: Moderate Sedation -  8 hours

Level 4: Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia - 12 hours

CPR Requirements

Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation
  • Basic Life Support only
Level 1: Minimal Sedation
  • Basic Life Support: required
  • ACLS or PALS not required
Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4 Sedation
  • Basic Life Support required
  • ACLS or PALS required if treating adults and children 13 years of age or older
  • PALS required if treating children 12 years of age or younger