Dental Laboratory Certification Council

One of two statutory committees that provide assistance to the TSBDE is the Dental Laboratory Certification Council (DLCC) and the other is the Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee (DHAC).  The DLCC advises the TSBDE on matters relating to dental laboratories and is composed of three members appointed by the Board for two-year terms.  The law pertaining to the DLCC can be found in the Texas Occupations Code (Dental Practice Act) under Chapter 266, Subchapters B and C.

Dental Laboratory Certification Council Members

Elyese Anderson, C.D.T.  
Ms. Anderson began her dental career in 1986 and presently owns and operates LDI, Elyese Anderson LLC, in Austin, Texas.  The Board appointed Ms. Anderson to serve as a member of the DLCC in February 2016.  

Lee Anne Mixson-Sibila, C.D.T.
Ms. Mixson-Sibila is a native Texan who currently resides in Bullard, Texas, where she established OraLab Dental Laboratory, LLC in 1999.  The Board appointed Ms. Mixson-Sibila to serve as a member of the DLCC in February 2016.