Recent Rule Proposals

Summaries of the current rule proposals can be found below.  For the full text of each proposed rule, please check the Texas Register.

At the November 18, 2016, Board Meeting, the Board proposed the following rules:

Rule 107.400 Collection and Reporting of Enforcement and Licensing Data

The Board proposed new rule §107.400 concerning collection and reporting of enforcement and licensing data. The proposed new rule identifies what kind of data will be gathered and how it will be published.

Rule 110.11 Sedation/General Anesthesia of Pediatric Patients

The Board proposed new rule §110.11 concerning sedation and anesthesia of pediatric patients. The proposed new rule establishes the qualifications to sedate and anesthetize pediatric patients.

The Board proposed the following rule amendments:

Rule 110.1 - 110.6, 110.9 Sedation and Anesthesia

The Board proposes amended rules §110.1 concerning definitions, §110.2 concerning sedation/anesthesia permits, §110.3 concerning nitrous sedation, §110.4 concerning minimal sedation, §110.5 concerning moderate sedation, §110.6 concerning deep sedation, and §110.9 concerning permit renewal. The proposed rules establish new guidelines and permits for providing sedation and anesthesia.

Rule 104.6 Audits

The Board proposes amended rule §104.6 concerning continuing education audits. The proposed amendment establishes how and when the board will conduct audits of continuing education.