New Dental Laboratory Registration Procedures

General Information

A commercial dental laboratory and in-house laboratories with more than two technicians shall be registered with the TSBDE in accordance with Texas Occupations Code Chapter 266 and Title 22, Part 5, Chapter 116 of the Texas Administrative Code. Exemptions from this requirement include in-house labs providing services only for the patients of the employing dentist or other dentists within the practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Need a Dental Lab Registration? 

Is My Lab Required to have a Certified Dental Technician?

Initial Application Process

Applicants must mail the following documents to the TSBDE:

  1. Application for Registration of a Dental Laboratory.
  2. Application Fee. (See application for current fee)
  3. Provide proof of completion of the Jurisprudence Assessment for Dental Laboratory Initial Registration (Certificate of Completion). The assessment must be completed by the on-site laboratory owner or general manager. (Visit:

Additional Information

  1. Three-Year Jurisprudence Assessment Requirement. An on-site dental laboratory owner or general manager must complete the Jurisprudence Assessment for Renewal of a Texas Dental Laboratory Registration once every three years. (
  2. Annual Renewal. Registered dental labs renew their registration annually by December 31st. A reminder postcard will be mailed to the lab approximately 45 days prior to the expiration date. Labs may pay their renewal fee online or by mail. If paid by mail a renewal form must accompany the payment.
  3. Changes. The lab is required to notify the TSBDE, in writing, within 60 days of a change in the following:
    1. Address and/or Phone Number.
    2. Ownership.
    3. General Manager.
    4. Certified Dental Technician.
  4. Closure. The on-site dental lab owner or general manager is required to notify the TSBDE within sixty (60) days of when the lab has closed.

Application for Registration of a Dental Laboratory