Recent Temporary Suspensions

The following licenses have been temporarily suspended by an executive committee of the Board pursuant to Section 263.004 of the Texas Occupations Code:

No. 27673 Timothy Jennings, DDS on June 21, 2017 - Nitrous Oxide, Level 1 & Level 2 sedation permits suspended

No. 30113 Derek Xu Liang, DDA on June 21, 2017 - all sedation permits suspended

No. 28220 Aliakbar Setarehaseman, DDS on April 18, 2017

No. 15983 John M. Garza on January 27, 2017

No. 21102 Jerry L. Teague, DDS on August 31, 2016

No. 14692 Daniel Sena, DDS on August 31, 2016

No. 23346 Joshua Robbins, DDS on June 16, 2016

No. 10232 Julio Salmeron, RDA on March 30, 2016

No. 10420 Robert S. Kent, DDS on January 25, 2016

No. 21310 Bethaniel Jefferson, DDS on January 20, 2016 (Now Revoked)

No. 25687 D. William Gary, DDS on December 14, 2015

No. 19121 Craig Morris, DDS on November 17, 2015

No. 52007 & No. 2780 Joann Kramer, NDA on November 17, 2015

No. 69419 Crystal Cortes, RDA on September 8, 2015

Each license is set for a Probable Cause Hearing before the State Office of Administrative Hearings within thirty days of the date of the suspension.  At the probable cause hearing, an administrative law judge will determine whether the suspension should remain in effect or the license should be reinstated.  If the suspension remains in effect, the matter is set for a hearing on the merits within 60 days of the date of the suspension.  The parties may waive the probable cause hearing and proceed directly to a hearing on the merits.  The hearing on the merits may be continued by agreement of the parties.  If the licensee prefers to avoid litigation, the matter may be resolved by the voluntary surrender of the license or the presentation of an Agreed Settlement Order for consideration by the Board at its next meeting.